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407.59 Training Miles

So, I did it, folks!  Today I completed my training for my 5th marathon! This training session I ran a total of 407.59 miles.  (Yes, I’m that geek who keeps up with all her stats.)  And holy cow, that’s a … Continue reading

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All Hail the Spectator! #NYCMarathon #3daystogo (Recipe: One-Pot French Onion Pasta)

They say the New York City Marathon is one-third runners, one-third spectators, one-third volunteers.  Each segment wouldn’t be anything without the others. This morning it was very fitting that as I was ellipticaling (is that a word??) at the gym … Continue reading

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Shawn is My Pace Machine #NYCMarathon #4daystogo (Recipe: Pumpkin Streusel Muffins)

We call Shawn a metronome.  She is a pace machine.  She is awesome. She often gets me negative splits in my long runs because of her ability to stay on pace. She is just a fabulous running buddy in general. … Continue reading

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Racing During Marathon Training #NYCMarathon #5daystogo (Recipe: Garlicky Party Bread with Cheese)

You all know that I believe in some racing during marathon training.  This training session I raced a 10-Miler, a Half-Marathon and a 5K.  I believe some racing amps you up during the last grueling months of training and helps … Continue reading

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Running with Your Arms #NYCMarathon #10daystogo (Recipe: Cornbread Dressing)

I have talked quite a bit on the blog about proper running form.  One aspect of running form is the arm swing.  Most of this blog comes from an article by Mackenzie Lobby. Most runners who aren’t already using their … Continue reading

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Speed Science (Recipe: Honey Cornbread Muffins)

Tips for increasing your speed. Skin Temperature.  A 2010 study looked at recreational female runners at the Missoula Marathon and found that skin temperature and percentage of body fat, taken together, better indicated finish time than the classic fitness markers of … Continue reading

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Yet Another Race: Chocolate 5K #NYCMarathon #13daystogo (Recipe: Butter Cookies)

I ran yet another race this past weekend!  This time it was a short one to get some speed work in before the big day! A was in town so he was going to push me to run harder even … Continue reading

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