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New Shoes and Gingerbread Houses (Recipe: Corn Chowder)

The only thing I bought on Black Friday was new running shoes.  And I didn’t get just one pair–I bought two! They are the same exact shoes that I had before only they are the newer versions:  Brooks Pure Flows … Continue reading

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The Berbee Derby (Recipe: Vodka Pie Crust)

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got to celebrate with dear family and friends.  And got to eat lots of delicious food.  Lots and lots. I had a fabulous day.  And it started with this: … Continue reading

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Fast-Food and Wholesome-Food (Recipe: Cook’s Illustrated Pumpkin Pie)

On the eve of Thanksgiving before we are stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, I thought a post on fast-food and wholesome food was very appropriate.  (Well, you will be stuffed with turkey and mashed potatoes–I’m not a … Continue reading

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Land Underneath Your Body & A Year Ago This Week (Recipe: Zucchini Tart)

It is super important where your foot lands in relation to the rest of your body. You do not want to reach out to “cover more ground”–this leads to overstriding and heel striking which can possibly lead to injury.  And … Continue reading

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Catching Fire and Capitol Tour (Recipe: Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies)

So, I went to see Catching Fire last night.  It was the very first showing offered in Madison.  8pm in Fitchburg. Yep, I was that girl.  I have done that for several Harry Potter releases as well.  And one of … Continue reading

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Going From a 5K to a 10K (Recipe: Pumpkin Pie with Whole Milk)

Those of you who have run one or more 5Ks are likely ready to tackle your next distance.  That’s the way it works, right?  You challenge yourself.  Then you start feeling comfortable running 3 miles.  Now you need to challenge … Continue reading

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Left-Handedness (Recipe: Honey Roasted Vegetable and Smoked Gouda Baked Penne)

Okay.  Today’s post is about a completely random study I read that I found SUPER interesting.  I’m hoping you will find it interesting, too. Are you left-handed?  I’m not, but my dad is.  This study is all about left-handedness.  Here … Continue reading

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Running Progress, a 12-Miler and Badger Football (Recipe: Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie)

First, running progress.  This is more general and not a description of my running progress. The rate at which each person can safely accelerate his/her training is a very complicated and individualistic process.  The old rule was to add no … Continue reading

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And My Next Marathon Is… (Recipe: Apple Pie Bars)

The Kickin’ Asphalt Marathon in Sugar Land, Texas! Yup!  That’s the one! And it is January 26!  Which means I am just finishing up Week 5 of training!  I have been training for 5 weeks and haven’t told you!  I … Continue reading

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Post-Long Run Cravings and First Fluid Blister (Recipe: Potato, Cauliflower and Cheddar Bake)

So, I have a very specific post-long run craving.  This craving began when I trained for my first marathon in the fall of 2011.  I had the craving again when I trained for Boston.  And now having completed my second … Continue reading

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