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GOTR and TNT Updates! (Recipe: Quattro Formaggi Flatbread)

I only have one more practice left coaching GOTR at Stephens Elementary.  I am going to miss these girls.  I told them yesterday that I was leaving.  They were sad and asked if I would be coming back for the 5K … Continue reading

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A Brick Workout (Recipe: Raisin Cookies)

I did one of my first brick workouts yesterday! What is a “brick workout” you ask? Well, a brick workout refers to the stacking of two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal to no interruption … Continue reading

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There Goes $19K… (Recipe: Fluffy French Toast)

…per obese child. A new study shows that over a lifetime the medical costs associated with childhood obesity total about $19,000 per child compared with those for a child of normal weight.  The $19,000 estimate reflects direct medical costs such … Continue reading

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And We Are Packed!! (Recipe: Shrimp Fried Rice)

This weekend has been nuts!  But we are finally packed!  With lots of help from A! He was crucial in terms of acquiring moving boxes, playing Chuck-It with the girls so they would be tired and being able to efficiently … Continue reading

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80 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Running a Half-Marathon (Recipe: Apple BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches)

So, I came across this on Facebook the other day and had to share!  I thought it was pretty accurate!  It is a post by Emily Abbate called “80 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Running a Half-Marathon”.  LOVE.  I starred … Continue reading

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County Health Rankings (Recipe: Bulgur, Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf)

As a resident of Dane County, Wisconsin we rank 17th of 72 counties in terms of overall health.  The physical environment is what pulls down our ranking (35th of 72) because we were ranked 5th in health behaviors in the state (considers … Continue reading

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On the Move and Other Weekend Shenanigans (Recipe: Blueberry Oatmeal Bars)

I’m on the move.  Quite literally.  For those of you who don’t know, I accepted a job in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina a couple weeks ago!!  I start May 5th so everything has been quite the whirlwind!  I leave as … Continue reading

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