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America’s Fittest Cities (Recipe: Blueberry Blondies)

Did you know that for the third consecutive year, Minneapolis-St. Paul is the healthiest, fittest metropolitan area in the U.S.?  This is according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual American Fitness Index. How did other cities rank?  Washington … Continue reading

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Running with Your Dog in the Heat (Recipe: Basil and Mozzarella Pizza)

Exactly three years ago today I picked up this beautiful pup from the breeder: And look at the gorgeous girl she is today! I have never regretted my decision to get her for an instant!  And in 6 days I … Continue reading

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Unusual Weather We’re Having, Ain’t It? (Recipe: Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Pesto Pizza)

Yesterday, I went on a fantastic ride with Kim.  We went to Sauk Prairie and back.  45.7 miles.  Of course we stopped at a delicious restaurant for lunch at our halfway point.  I had this prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto … Continue reading

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9 Awesome Benefits of Running (Recipe: Pizza Dough)

There are many, many benefits to running.  I enjoy running for reasons other than the health benefits, so these are just a plus! 1. Running grows cartilage.  Yup.  And running isn’t necessarily bad for your knees.  Research from Australia’s Monash … Continue reading

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Aquathon = Intense (Recipe: Cheesy Summer Squash Squares)

What do the following have in common: – Frog Burpees – Attack Jumps – Moving Push-Ups – Diamond Jumps – Football Sprints – Suicides – Scissors They are moves from this morning’s Insanity class. Yep.  I put myself through that … Continue reading

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Veggies Galore! (Recipe: Caramelized Banana Bread)

So, I have LOTS of CSA veggies to eat.  Lots and lots.  In Week 5 of the CSA, we got: Basil (used!), Cucumbers (gave to Allison!), Giant Kohlrabi (used!), Red Leaf Lettuce (used!), Scallions (used and gave to Allison!), Summer … Continue reading

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Facts About Fluids (Recipe: Creamy Orzo with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Mozzarella)

There are a lot of myths out there as to how much water we should be drinking.  For instance, it is not necessarily true that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  How much water you need … Continue reading

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Callie is a Big Sister!!! (Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars)

Spoiler Alert:  This blog post would be considered puppy overload.  Get ready for pictures galore! So, I have big news!  Really, really big news!  And, no, I’m not pregnant.  But Callie is going to be a big sister!  I am … Continue reading

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Negative Splits (Recipe: Sauteed Kohlrabi)

We all want negative splits.  All the time.  And the best way to run your fastest race is by running the second half at a pace that is equal to or slightly faster than the first half. To negative split … Continue reading

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Insanity Take 2 (Recipe: Roasted Caprese Pasta)

So, I put myself through torture again this morning.  That Insanity class kills me! And I even wore my brand spankin’ new cross-trainers!  Aren’t they gorgeous? Well, I needed them desperately because I had been wearing my other ones since … Continue reading

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