407.59 Training Miles

So, I did it, folks!  Today I completed my training for my 5th marathon!

This training session I ran a total of 407.59 miles.  (Yes, I’m that geek who keeps up with all her stats.)  And holy cow, that’s a lot of miles!  AND that is averaging 3 runs a week!  It makes me want to go back and add up the mileage from the rest of my marathon training sessions when I was running 4-6 times a week and see what my mileage was there!  Maybe I’ll do that after NYC!  Stay posted!

I feel more prepared than my last 3 marathons (I ran one injured.  I ran one having trained on a treadmill.  I ran one having moved across the country mid-training.), so we will see what awaits for me in NYC!  Hopefully my training makes this a fun race.  I am so very excited to run this race and extremely nervous at the same time! #freakingout

I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather and huge crowds!  I think it’s a good sign that I got upgraded to First Class on my flight to the big apple tomorrow afternoon!

If you want to track me, my bib number is 16115!  Here goes nothing!  I guess I better finish my packing and get to bed!

(Oh, and in attempting to relax somewhat tonight, I finished Season 1 of TWD!  I’m getting hooked!)

Quote of the Day:

“we can only hope to experience this life in it’s entirety and so we take in the good and the bad and every little thing in between.   love intertwined with heartache.  loss accompanied by strength, hope, and growth.  a million failed attempts and one moment of success. endings that become beginnings.” -Jessica from todaywasmeaningful

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