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Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! (Recipe: Wild Mushroom Risotto)

What is cuter than one LRD playing Flyball?  How about a whole team of LRDs playing Flyball?? Callie and I (it was a joint decision) have decided to go to UFLI Nationals in August! And on Friday, she will be … Continue reading

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Hip Imbalances (Recipe: Brownie Ice-Cream Sandwiches)

As you guys know, I have been having hip issues, which I recently found out was due to pelvic misalignment. Because the pelvis is the fulcrum in each of the three planes of motion of the body (frontal, sagittal and … Continue reading

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Bike the Barns WEST (Recipe: Sesame Broccoli)

Last year, I road “Bike the Barns”.  It was (and still is) my longest ride to date, and I did it with pretty much zero training.  I’m not gonna lie–I impressed myself. This year Bike the Barns is the weekend … Continue reading

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DOMS (Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Pasta)

Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness.  Also known as DOMS. Soreness occurring immediately after exercise is known as acute muscle soreness. DOMS can occur anytime you tax muscles in a foreign way which causes microscopic tears to the tissue.  Waves of white blood … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles)

I think Mother Nature is conspiring against us.  Us being Allison and me and our plans to go to the Farmer’s Market. Two or three (or four??) weeks ago we had planned to go to the Farmer’s Market, and it … Continue reading

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CSA and Century Ride Nutrition Tips (Recipe: Snickerdoodle Blondies)

In super exciting news, we picked up our first CSA box on Thursday!!  But more on that later! For now, let’s discuss nutrition for a Century Ride.  A Century Ride can last upward of 6 or 7 hours.  That’s a … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Move It, Move It…Literally! (Recipe: Banana Puddin’)

First and foremost, who does not love Banana Puddin’?  Yes, I’m saying puddin’ instead of pudding.  It’s my southern-ness coming out of me. And if you were thinking, “I don’t like Banana Pudding.”  Well, I don’t believe you.  Not one … Continue reading

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