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Quick Book Review: Orange Is the New Black (Recipe: Angel Biscuits)

Orange Is the New Black. By Piper Kerman. A couple of friends recommended this book to me, and I thought it was a very good read!  I have not watched the TV show, so I have no idea how it … Continue reading

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Prevent Running Injuries (Recipe: Pumpkin Crumb Cake)

At least half of all runners deal with at least one injury per year, and 25% of runners are injured at any given time. Injuries happen because the physical stress from running is too much for your body to handle … Continue reading

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6,337,955 Steps (Recipe: Curry Chicken Salad)

According to Fitbit, that is how many steps I took in 2014. 6,337,955. The other day I got an email from Fitbit with a summary of how I did in 2014. According to Fitbit mileage, I walked/ran 3,093 miles in … Continue reading

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The Fasted Long Run (Recipe: Allspice Crumb Muffins)

Today was sort of like a fasted long run.  I ran 16 miles with my running buddy Shawn having eaten only a banana beforehand.  I was still hungry when we started.  And then of course we took nutrition twice while … Continue reading

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Top 10 Funny Runner Terms (Recipe: Crispy Salt-and-Vinegar Potatoes)

So, I get this newsletter from “Active Runner”, and one of their articles this week was on the top 10 funniest runner terms.  And they all came with definitions.  So here you go! 10. PR: noun; 1. shorthand for personal record; 2. the … Continue reading

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Lost Toenails, Hamstring Cupping, and Dry Needling…Why Do I Run? (Recipe: Oatmeal Bread)

I run because of afternoons like yesterday when the weather is gorgeous and you are feeling strong.  And the way it clears your mind and helps things make sense. But in order to have those feelings, you have to overcome … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day for a 12-Miler (Recipe: Spinach, Mushroom and Walnut Pasta with Pesto)

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the nice weather this weekend if you had it.  With the exception of some rain on Sunday morning, Raleigh had beautiful weather!  Even Wisconsin had decent weather this weekend! This … Continue reading

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