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Proposed Nutrition Labeling (Recipe: Cake Pops)

So, I’m on quite a few FDA projects at work.  (FDA = Food and Drug Administration) One project I’m on involves the impacts on manufacturers and vendors to the proposed changes on the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP).  This is probably … Continue reading

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Italy Mileage, Step Count and Stairs! (Recipe: Apple and Sausage Fusilli)

So, we walked A LOT in Italy.  A LOT A LOT.  My counts for the Italy trip: – Friday, September 5:  14,506 steps and 5.59 miles – Saturday, September 6:  26,262 steps and 11.49 miles – Sunday, September 7:  44,471 … Continue reading

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Weight and Running Performance (Recipe: Apple, Preserves and Gouda Grilled Cheese)

As I’m sure most of us know, our body weight and composition impact how well we run, bike, swim, etc.  Body weight is also one of the most influential and controllable factors in running performance. Each person’s ideal racing weight … Continue reading

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NYC Marathon Fun Facts #NYCMarathon #3weekstogo (Recipe: Hummus)

Have you seen an elevation map for the NYC Marathon?  No?  Well, here you go: Look at that first mile!  Holy smokes!  I guess it will keep me from going out too fast! Want to know other NYC Marathon fun … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Deficient and Healthy Happy Meals (Recipe: Quick Chocolate Butter Frosting)

So, I’m Vitamin D deficient.  I had a physical the other week which of course included lab work.  My cholesterol level was outstanding!  But my WBC (white blood count) was high, and I’m deficient in Vitamin D.  The doctor recommended … Continue reading

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Racing in the Rain: Hokie Half-Marathon! (Recipe: The Perfect Chocolate Cake)

Boy, oh, boy did we have a fun-filled, jam-packed weekend!  Including me running my second race ever in the rain!  I am hoping that running an entire half-marathon in the rain will give me gorgeous weather for the NYC Marathon … Continue reading

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Anthony Finished The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon! (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Hershey Kiss)

My amazing boyfriend finished his first ever marathon this weekend!  The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon!  26.2 miles is a long way to run, and he did FANTASTIC!  I’m so extremely proud of him! We woke up at 3am so he could … Continue reading

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