11 Things Every Type A Person Wants You to Know

I read this article on the 11 things every Type A person wants you to know. I consider myself Type A, so here goes:

  1. We’re not impatient, just efficient. I completely agree. Although, A swears he is going to make me more patient the longer we are together.
  2. Arriving late to anything is agonizing. Um. OMG, yes. A and I have had many discussions about this. Even one last night!
  3. We live by to-do lists. I have about 12 to-do lists written down and another 12 in my head!
  4. Each task we’re assigned is urgent. Wasting time is our ultimate enemy.
  5. We’re extremely goal-oriented. Ya think? PhD? Marathon training? Dog sports? New Years Resolutions?
  6. It’s hard for us to relax. I don’t sit on my sofa. My pups go ecstatic when someone sits on the sofa because I never do and it didn’t occur to me to teach them to respect the space of others when others sit on the sofa. Oops.
  7. We get stressed out easily. A can definitely vouch for this one.
  8. We have nervous habits. I play with my hair or my badge at work.
  9. We’re emotional. The reason we behave the way that we do is because we care (some could even argue that we care just a little too much). Researchers suggest that Type A people are highly conscientious — so while it may seem like we’re uptight when we’re organizing our friend’s birthday party, it’s really just because we want it to be spectacular.
  10. We’re constantly ruminating over something. Conversations, marathons, work presentations, you name it.
  11. We have a competitive side. Yup.

Food for Thought: Pancake versus waffle. Opt for the pancake. It has slightly more protein than an equal size waffle.

Fun Fact: How little body fat can we live with? At 12% body fat, a woman usually stops menstruating which is not a good sign. Men start to have serious health problems at 6% body fat.

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Quote of the Day:

Obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated.” -Anonymous

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