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Running in Humidity + A Flyball Tournie! (Recipe: Cinnamon and White Chocolate Chip Cookies)

This weekend was humid. And warm. Very warm and humid. And this weekend there was a local flyball tournament in Cary. And this weekend I was supposed to run a 20-miler on Sunday. In the humidity. While playing flyball. Yeah, … Continue reading

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The T-Spine (Recipe: Balsamic Portobello Burgers)

The Thoracic Spine. AKA the T-Spine. This body part is often overlooked but it is fundamental for supporting and stabilizing the body. What is the T-Spine? The T-spine is the upper and mid-back region, including everything between the shoulder blades. It consists … Continue reading

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Strike 2 for Ken. (Recipe: Easy Summer Shrimp Boil)

So, Ken is the personal trainer. Strike 1 was him telling me I looked like hell during our 5th training session (I didn’t count when he couldn’t remember my name during the 4th training session as a strike.) Today was … Continue reading

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Quick Book Review: House Rules by Jodi Picoult (Recipe: Peach Cheesecake)

I am a fan of Jodi Picoult’s writing. This book was fantastic. It is about a young boy named Jacob with Asperger’s syndrome (which is on the autism scale) who is accused of murder. He has a brilliant mind but … Continue reading

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A Short Anatomy Lesson (Recipe: Spring Wild Rice Bowl)

Let’s have a brief anatomy lesson on the midsection because the first step to sculpting strong abs is understanding how they work. There are four groups of midsection muscles: External Obliques: They lie atop the internal obliques and help you … Continue reading

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Bella Rose 5K Sans GPS Watch (Recipe: Oreo Pudding Cookies)

Yesterday, I ran a 5K. (It’s on the training plan–I didn’t really choose to do this one voluntarily.) The 5K was being put on at Wake Med Soccer Park which houses one of the high school cross country courses. The … Continue reading

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I Hired a Personal Trainer. (Recipe: Quick Coq au Vin)

Yep. I did it. And now the t-shirt slogan I saw on FB the other day totally fits: Everything hurts and I’m dying. I have debated for months about whether or not I should hire a personal trainer. I am … Continue reading

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