Running Through the Airport. Again.

Yes. I had to run through the airport. Again. The first time I was trying to catch my flight back to the States from South Africa which you can read about here if you haven’t already.

The second time can be read about here.

And now it has happened a third time. I guess that is what happens when you fly all the time. In hindsight, it is always funny…as long as you make the flight.

This past weekend, A and I were in Reno for a wedding (his best friend from Peace Corps). I will tell more about that weekend later. However, my flight out of Reno was delayed by 30 minutes. And then it took longer to board than anticipated, so we were leaving about 45 minutes late.

After we landed, we taxied for what seemed like forever, and then the pilot had to shut off the engine and we had to be pulled to our gate. (WTH. I have never had that happen before.) And because I was flying American Airlines, and not Delta, I was in the back of the plane. Row 28 to be exact. I was supposed to be on the aisle in Row 27, but the row had two little girls and their mom was in the middle seat in Row 28, so I switched with her.

My second flight departed at 8:05pm. I want to stress that it was departing and not just boarding at 8:05. At 7:48pm I was still on the plane. Not to mention that we were deplaning in Terminal D and my second flight left from Terminal A.

As soon as I got off the plane, I rushed to the gate agent and asked if he could call my gate and tell them I was on the way. His response: “I can call, but you have to be there.” Sigh.

So, I started running. I ran up the escalator to the Skylink (the tram that takes you to and from different terminals) and boarded the tram at 7:54pm. (I should mention that running up a long escalator makes you sweat. So, I’m already sweating.) The tram had to make THREE stops BEFORE mine. I KNOW! It had two stops in Terminal B and two stops in Terminal A–of course, I needed to get off at the second Terminal A stop. I was cursing under my breath the whole ride.

The tram pulled up to my stop at 7:59pm. I proceeded to run down the escalator and then through construction areas and winding halls. I ran up to my gate at 8:04pm. Breathless, I see the door still open and ask the gate agent if I can still board. She has to call the flight attendant and ask if the boarding door is still open.

They must have been just about to close it because as I started walking down the jet bridge they motioned for me to run. So, I ran again. When I stepped on the plane every single person was seated. I make my way back to Row 26 and a woman is in my seat. (Can I say that I was still sweating?) She had to get up, collect all of her belongings and move across the aisle to her real seat.

I sat down, shaking and sweating, and we started taxiing 30 seconds later. Holy cow. That was a close one.

But since I brought up Reno, here are a few pictures:

IMG_2952 IMG_2964 IMG_2951 IMG_2255                                                                    IMG_2257

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Quote of the Day:

“Things only distance runners understand…Running past your own front door three times because your Garmin says you’re still only on 4.96 miles.”

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