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Serratus Anterior…Oy vey! (Recipe: Ribollita)

I went to see Bob on Monday. He was going to work on opening up my diaphragm. Well, he didn’t get very far because of my serratus anterior. Tight as a drum, I tell you. The serratus anteriorĀ is a muscle … Continue reading

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Bolder Boulder 10K (Recipe: Caramel Cake)

First and foremost, how awesome is this picture? So, this post is long overdue. When A and I were in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend, it just so happened to be over the Bolder Boulder 10K which always is held … Continue reading

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Run Happy (Recipe: Pre-Baked Pizza Crust)

Try to approach your runs with a positive outlook. It has been shown to improve both your performance and your health. I’m serious. We all know that because of endorphins, running is a way we can lift our mood if … Continue reading

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Quick Book Review: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman (Recipe: Parmesan Crusted Sweet Potato Galette)

I think this book is a really good read for all couples. A and I both read it. Basically, the book discusses how difficult it is to stay in love. Staying in love and being married is work. It’s not … Continue reading

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Hip Check! (Recipe: Triple Chip Blondies)

So, I have mentioned before that I have weak hips and that I have to make sure I do hip strengthening exercises. Runners of every type from new runners to Olympic qualifiers can have weak or inactive hips and glutes. … Continue reading

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Gallons and Gallons and Gallons of Water (Recipe: Maple Walnut Trunks)

Have you seen this link on how much water it takes to make food? I know it is an older link, but I thought I should bring it up at some point. It took 969 gallons of water to produce … Continue reading

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