Wrightsville Beach Marathon – My Fastest Marathon Since November 2011 (Recipe: Oreo Truffles)

On Sunday I ran another marathon.  The Wrightsville Beach Marathon in North Carolina was my 6th marathon. I have now checked off Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, California, New York, and North Carolina.  Who knows what will be next! I have been debating whether or not to put my name in the lottery for the Chicago Marathon this year.  I have until March 31 to decide.

Anyway, I had been stressing about the weather for Sunday’s race because they had been calling for rain on and off throughout the 10-day forecast I had been watching.  But the rain held off!  Hooray!

We got to Wrightsville around 1pm on Saturday and headed straight for the expo.  The expo was small, but was extremely well-run.  The guy actually kind of laughed at me when I asked if he needed to see my ID for the race bib I was picking up (ummm, you couldn’t get your bib at all in New York, San Diego, or Boston without an ID, so it was a fair question!). We meandered around a little bit, and then headed to the condo and later to Topsail.

image1 image3 saturday4_sh

Saturday night, the boys ate some delicious looking/smelling seafood, but Shawn and I abstained.  No one wants to chance that the night before running a marathon!  I stuck with my turkey and cheese sandwich from Panera. Shawn had pasta with tomato sauce.

I was stressing about not having gone to the bathroom, so I forced myself to drink this iced-coffee (decaf as to not keep me up all night which didn’t matter anyway). Holy cow!  I am NOT a coffee drinker. I don’t know if A thought my complaints and noise effects were hilarious, ridiculous, or annoying (or a combination of all three) while drinking this on the way to the condo from Topsail. But it was awful.  I had to chase the drink with glazed munchkins!

IMG_0460[1] IMG_0463[1]

I slept very little.  We headed to bed around 9:30pm because we were waking up at 5am. (Our condo was literally 5 minutes from the start and 5 minutes from the finish.  Sweet!)  I probably fell asleep around 11pm only to be woken up shortly after by the pups howling in tune with an ambulance.  Awesome. I drifted back to sleep some time around 12:30am and was wide awake at 3am.  I laid in bed until 4am when I decided to eat breakfast (a plain bagel).

Anyway, I got to the start just fine.  The gun went off at 6:40am (in the dark), and away we went!

At Mile 2, I felt a strange sensation in my left shoe…a blister!  Noooooo.  This was not part of the plan. I had completed every long run wearing these socks, and I had never gotten a blister on my big toe.  What the heck!?  And because I was wearing compression socks, it wasn’t an easy stop to take the shoe and sock off and apply a bandaid.  I soldiered on trying to adjust my toes so that I wouldn’t feel it.  My gait was off.

I paced myself very well the first 4 miles averaging an 8:16 pace.  The goal was not to go out too fast.  At Mile 4, Shawn, Bob, and A were all waiting to cheer me on!

zombie sign image16 IMG_2034 IMG_2052

I picked up my pace from Miles 4 to 10 which was part of the plan.  When I hit Mile 10 my average pace was an 8:12 minute/mile. Shawn jumped in with me at Mile 10.  She is pretty awesome.  We kept a decent pace until Mile 16 (averaging 8:08-8:10 minute/miles).

I think the change in gait due to my blister finally kicked in at Mile 16. I started feeling pain in my left hip area.  Dang it.  At Mile 17 the boys were waiting for us. I am sure I looked like death already.  It was not part of the plan to look like death so early on in the race. You save that look for later.

After that, my pace just kept falling.  A little slower.  A little slower.  A little slower.  Shawn knew my goal was a 3:35, and she did an amazing job trying to get me to push past the pain and soreness that was setting in. A jumped in and ran the last mile with us. I hope the photographer got a good picture of the three of us heading toward the finish line.

I finished in 3:39:11.  That is an average pace of 8:22 min/miles.  That time is 13-21 minutes faster than my previous 4 marathons.  So, I am extremely pleased with that.  I know that I pushed myself as hard as I could.  I could barely walk afterward and wanted to vomit.  (I couldn’t even take my last nutrition at Mile 24 because I thought I might vomit if I did.)  That’s a sign that you pushed yourself hard, right?

IMG_2066 IMG_2069

And I would rather miss BQing by 4 minutes 12 seconds than by 12 seconds.  Just sayin’.

I ended up finishing 7th out of 37 in my age group (top 19%).  And I finished 126th out of 541 marathoners overall (top 23%).  Not too shabby! I couldn’t have done it without Shawn or my supporters.

IMG_2073 IMG_2075

I will say that no one yelled “You’re almost there!” until I was literally in the last mile of the race.  Thank God!  I hate it when people do that!  I think the best was when a little boy yelled to several of us passing, “You better run faster! My mommy is beating you!” #runlikeagirl

After we walked back to the car (a slow walk) and got cleaned up, Bob worked on my legs.  Can I say that it is amazing having your sports massage therapist travel to races with you?  I need to plan it this way more often! And then we ate pizza!  And that was some of the most delicious pizza I have eaten.  And then I got Coldstone ice-cream.  Yep.  Pizza and ice-cream.  And then we curled up on sofas for a fantastically lazy afternoon and had leftover pizza and desserts from Harris Teeter for dinner.  Perfection.  It was a great day. I have amazing friends and an awesome boyfriend.

IMG_0469[1] IMG_0470[1]

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Quote of the Day:

“It’s a big world. Go run it.” -Asics

Remember that thing they call the Super Bowl?  Yeah…that game that was played way back in February?  Well, that is when I made these Oreo Truffles.  Yes, I am far behind in posting recipes. But these are a MUST make recipe. You MUST make these.

Oreo Truffle DSC_9642

Oreo Truffles


1 package double-stuffed oreos
1 package cream cheese
1 pound melting chocolate


– Take 5 Oreos at a time and break them up in a food processor. Add a proportional amount of cream cheese and blend until smooth (looks like dark mud).

– Place all of the mixture on a plate; repeat first step until all Oreos and cream cheese are gone. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour or a freezer for 30 minutes. This makes the mixture hard enough to roll into balls.

– Roll into small balls; place them back on a plate. Put them back in the freezer until hard enough to withstand melted chocolate.

– Drop balls one at a time in melted chocolate until covered. Remove quickly and place on wax paper to cool. Place and store in refrigerator.

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