22 Miles on the ATT (Recipe: Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette)


Yes.  My running partner and I ran 22 miles two Sunday’s ago on the American Tobacco Trail.  I have NEVER EVER run 22 miles during a training run.  But I did it!  The last 3 miles were pretty painful, but we made it!  And look at that pace!  I couldn’t believe it! I felt like we were running as slow as molasses!

And I have to give a big shout out to Bob for biking behind us the entire time!

I have to say it was a beautiful day for a run.  I think a lot of other people would have to agree because the trail was really crowded!  The frogs were chirping like crazy (Is that what you call what frogs do?  Or singing?  It was a lovely sound after all this snowy weather we have had.)  We saw a beaver slinking away into the brush!  I can only pray that this Sunday we will have gorgeous weather.  Right now, Wrightsville is calling for rain. Gosh darn it.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

But our 22-miler did have some fairly entertaining bits.  Let’s just say the trail starts in downtown Durham. We were less than two miles into the run and crossing a bridge when this older man on the other side of the bridge (he may or may not have been homeless) stopped in the middle and pointed a long stick at us like he was shooting at us.  Shawn and I sort of chuckled thinking he was playing around, but as we got closer, he did not move!  AND he started waving the stick around and saying that we were not allowed to cross the bridge.  I may have just turned around if Bob hadn’t been there. Durham crazies.

And then we kept passing these hipster cyclists.  No helmets.  No biking clothes.  Minimal clothing actually.  Tats everywhere.  They would pass us, and then we would pass them.  Then they would pass us, and then we would pass them.  They were on bikes for crying out loud!  They shouldn’t have had to take so many breaks!!

Anyway, it was interesting.  I was caked in salt at the end of the run as is normal. But it was definitely a very good mental challenge.

Yesterday, Shawn and I ran 3 miles around Shelley Lake.  In 81* weather!  Heck yes! It was warm, but I am so ready for summer!  And Shawn was totally in her element in the heat!  4 more days until the big day!  Eek!  Freaking out is an understatement.  I check the weather like a neurotic person. And I made this Jeweled Couscous because I know it is a safe food for my belly. My stomach has literally been in knots since Monday.  I am a bundle of nerves.

In other news, the tree removal company FINALLY came today and took this tree out of my driveway!  Well, this is just the root.  It was the tree that fell on my car during the snow we got.


We are also dog sitting Rizzo.  She is a sweetheart.

IMG_0378 IMG_0386                                             IMG_0380 IMG_0383

And Callie is being a weirdo and likes to go into Rizzo’s crate on her own:


And Envy’s new collar came in today!  If you know me, I do not buy dog collars and leashes.  Literally all the collars Callie and Envy have right now have been gifts from people. The only collars I ever purchased for either of them were their puppy collars.  So this is kind of a big deal. But I love love love it! #runlikeagirl


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Quote of the Day:

“Run the mile you’re in.” -Lauren Fleshman

Hmmm…which recipe shall I give you today? How about this Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette?  Delicious! I love making my own salad dressing!

Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette


– 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

– 3 tablespoons honey

– 1 tablespoon soy sauce

– 2/3 cup olive oil


– Combine balsamic vinegar, honey and soy sauce in a food processor.

– Add oil and process until combined.

– Cover and chill for up to 3 days.

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