10 Miles at Pettit National Ice Center (Recipe: Ham and Brie Pizza)

So I am a tad behind in blogging.  It happens.

Anyway, last weekend (the weekend of February 28/March 1) I was in Milwaukee visiting A and his fam.  On my flight Friday night I got bumped up to first class, and after the crazy week I had, I decided to indulge in the free beverages I was offered.  I totally mixed alcohol and was a tad worried about my LR on Saturday as I went to sleep that night.

Because it is cold in Wisconsin (crazy cold), A took me to the track at the Pettit National Ice Center for my LR. The Pettit National Ice Center is an indoor ice skating facility with two international-size ice rinks and a 400-meter speed skating oval with a three lane running track outside the speed skating oval.  The center opened on January 1, 1993, and it is one of only 29 indoor 400-meter ovals in the world, and is an official US Olympic training facility. Because the speed skating oval is 400-meters, that means the running track is closer to 450m.

IMG_0177 IMG_0174

I was expecting like 20 people to be running on this track when we got there.  Boy was I surprised!  There were easily 100 runners there (even though it may not look like it from this picture).  Talk about crowded!  However, it was definitely better than running outside! I had originally planned on doing 12 miles, but after 36 laps around the track (about 10 miles), I was done.  Also, because of the shorter track and the numerous turns, my right calf was extremely tight, and I decided that it wasn’t worth pushing it.  The facility was awesome, though! I was very much impressed by it.

On Sunday morning, A’s mom and I went to the local high school gym and used the treadmills.  Again, soo much better than running in the freezing cold of Wisconsin.  And the high school had a nice weight room!  Much nicer than the weight room we had in high school!

The trip to Wisconsin was great.  I hadn’t been up to visit since the first weekend in December, so it was much needed.  We had a wonderful dinner Saturday night with the entire family and a couple of A’s high school friends. I resisted all sweets!  Even when A picked up a chocolate chip cookie from the local bakery and asked me if I wanted one and then said, “Oh yeah, never mind, you can’t eat this.” Ha! Not funny.

Saturday afternoon we went on the Miller Brewing Company tour.  It was my first brewery tour ever!  And I lived in Wisconsin for two years!  While I don’t enjoy beer, it was definitely an interesting process!  A and I plan to go on the Coors Brewing Company tour when we are in Colorado this summer.

IMG_4680 IMG_4689                                  IMG_4685 IMG_4686                                                IMG_4691 IMG_4679

Saturday evening we went to see some EDM DJs at a local venue.  Wow.  All I can say is wow. I was definitely a naive child.  There is some crazy stuff going on out there. I’m glad I wasn’t into all those shenanigans growing up.  I just kept asking A, “How are these kids getting home??”

IMG_0218 IMG_0221 IMG_0219

Sunday we went to Discovery World which is a lakefront museum & aquarium targeted towards children.  It is very interactive, and A and I had a blast going through the exhibits.  I was finally able to prove to him that I am always cold. (I tell him that the only time my body is completely warm is when I’m in the shower or running on a treadmill indoors.) There was a heat sensor exhibit that projected the heat map of your body up on a screen.  My face was red (indicating that it was warm), but my nose was bright blue (meaning it was ice cold)!  And that was after we had been walking through the museum for over an hour!  We should have taken a picture. I totally recommend the museum.

And because I had a super long layover in the Detroit airport that was made even longer due to my flight being delayed (I was also delayed on my trip to Milwaukee), I got to visit the “Rave Cave”.  It is my absolute favorite.

IMG_0229 IMG_0236 IMG_0239

Again, it was a fabulous weekend!  And I get to see A for the next 4 weekends in a row!  I’m so excited!

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Quote of the Day:

“Whenever you’re around, I always seem to smile. And people ask me how, well you’re the reason why I’m dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower.” -Becky G

Remember when I posted about the Fast Rising Pizza Yeast because I was craving homemade pizza?  Well, the pizza I was craving was this Ham and Brie Pizza.  Yumm! I looove brie, and so this combination deserves an A+!  And it is so ridiculously easy.  Try it.

Ham and Brie Pizza

Ham and Brie Pizza


– 2 ounces sliced deli ham

– 3 ounces brie cheese

– olive oil

– 1 pound pizza dough


– Arrange deli ham and brie on stretched out pizza dough.  Drizzle with olive oil.

– Bake for 15 minutes.

I’m not kidding.  That is all.

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