18-Miler on the ATT Followed by a 12-Miler on the Greenway (Recipe: Mom’s Beer Bread)

I think I mentioned that last weekend, Shawn and I had a pretty stellar 18-miler.  We decided to try out the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) in Durham for the first time.  We heard it was flat. It is pretty darn flat.  I think we encountered one big hill in our 18 miles (and, of course, we got to run down it the first time!  We did an out-and-back.).  It was pretty fantastic.  And the weather was gorgeous!!  Perfect running weather!

However, in starting out, neither of us was in the mood to run.  Not at all.  I had not eaten the healthiest of breakfasts, and so my stomach was feeling off.  (Oh, and it felt off for about 16 of the 18 miles.  That part of the run wasn’t fun!) Shawn was exhausted from the crazy weekend she had encountered thus far–First Friday, Pop-Up Market, etc. Thank goodness A was there biking behind us!  He held ample water and nutrition!

But I highly recommend the ATT.  There were so many people out on it walking and biking and running–just enjoying the nice weather.  And it was flat!  The only frustrating part was having to wait at all of the crosswalks to cross the bigger intersections.

So, we finished the run and I hadn’t looked at my watch the entire time.  The ATT is marked every 1/4 mile, so I knew how far I had gone–there was no need to look at my watch while running.  Plus, I felt like we were running so slow, but I couldn’t force myself to run any faster.  My legs did not hurt.  They were not sore. They didn’t even really feel tired until around mile 14.  I just felt slow.

When we got back to the car that A had warmed up for us (which was AMAZING) and Shawn asked if I had looked at our pace, I remember making some sort of noise that signaled frustration.  However, when I looked down and saw this:


I flipped out a little.  That is the best run I have had in a long time.  We ran faster than marathon pace that’s for sure! I was ecstatic! I completely forgot about my belly issues and reveled in the fact that we had just had a really good run.

So, this weekend our training called for a 12 mile LR.  Shawn is playing flyball in Florence this weekend, so she did her run on Friday afternoon before she left town.  She had a great pace and did our normal 12-mile out-and-back route on the Greenway.  I was not excited about running by myself.  But yesterday I put on my running shoes and headed out on the same route.  The first 3 miles weren’t the best.  My legs ached and I had a side stitch from eating a snack too close to running. #firstworldproblems

But after that, everything seemed to get better.  The weather was beautiful (only a little windy), and I was moving it!  I got to the turnaround point where I took my nutrition and looked at my pace–not too bad:


I took a picture just in case the second half of the run ended up horribly.  At least I would have evidence that the first 6 miles were pretty solid.  Well, my second 6 miles was spectacular.  They felt good.  I pushed myself.  I could tell I pushed myself.  I was tired at the end.  A good tired.  And look at this:


Negative splits!  I had two sub-8 minute miles in there!  Mile 9 was a 7:44 minute/mile and mile 12 was a 7:47 minute/mile!  Sweet!  That felt good!  Really good.  Not only can I run fast again, but now I know I can run fast on my own if I try.  That’s a good feeling.

And then I got to enjoy a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner at 18 Seaboard for my friend’s birthday.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was sooo tasty.

Quote of the Day:

“The marathon is an adventure into the limits of the self, representing for runners what has been called the moral equivalent of war–a theater for heroism, where the runner can do deeds of daring and greatness.” -George Sheehan

With all that Sweet Potato Soup I have been eating, I had to make bread to go with it.  One of the first breads I made was my Mom’s Beer Bread recipe.  I love beer bread.  It’s sooo easy and sooo delicious.  This recipe has been in my repertoire for awhile now!  And it doesn’t disappoint!

Beer Bread (Mom)

Mom’s Beer Bread


– 3 cups self-rising flour

– 5 tablespoons sugar

– 1 egg

– 1 can of beer (room temperature preferred)

– 1/2 stick salted butter, melted


– Grease a bread pan.

– Mix all the ingredients together.

– Let rise for an hour.

– Put into prepared bread pan and pour melted butter over the top of the batter.

– Bake at 350* for 1 hour.

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