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The Opposite of Cologne Man (Recipe: Brownie Pudding)

Remember Cologne Man?  How could you forget, right? Well, Wednesday evening Shawn and I met at the gym to run on the treadmill because it was spitting gross stuff from the sky and felt colder than it actually was.  We … Continue reading

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My Lungs Made Me Do It! (Recipe: Chicken Caesar Deluxe Pizza)

Do what?  Many people say that the reason they have to stop running is to “catch their breath”.  Is that really the case? Read this awesome fact: A large man who, at rest, breathes about half a liter of air … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Join a Gym (Recipe: Lemon Pepper Roasted Broccoli)

You know that I recently joined a gym and have been loving it.  I have always been a “gym rat”. Want some reasons to join one? 1. Variety of Equipment. From barbells to bikes, pulley machines to pools, gyms provide many … Continue reading

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Quick Book Review: The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I Run Long Distances (Recipe: Moroccan Chicken)

This book by Matthew Inman made me laugh out loud.  He is the author of The Oatmeal comic. It is a quick 30-minute read but definitely worth it, in my opinion.  Even for people who don’t enjoy reading.  It is basically … Continue reading

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Cold Winter’s Day 5K (Recipe: Stuffed Cheesy Bread)

So on December 27 I ran the Cold Winter’s Day 5K in Columbia, SC.  It is a semi-tradition in my family.  The fam runs it in the years we are all home on December 27.  Last year I was playing … Continue reading

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What Is Your Core? (Recipe: Pumpkin Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting)

For decades, “core” was synonymous with ab muscles.  As we’ve gotten smarter about training, we’ve come to realize that, while strong abdominals make for a good photo op, they aren’t the most important aspect of the core for runners. The … Continue reading

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Review: Enell Sports Bra (Recipe: Garlic Chicken Rigatoni)

So, I tried another sports bra.  The Enell Sports Bra.  It got very high reviews as a high-impact sports bra, but from looking at the picture on the tag, it seems that “high impact” is a step aerobics class and … Continue reading

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