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Weight Machines vs. Free Weights (Recipe: Maple Walnut Cake)

I recently told you all that I joined a gym and that my running buddy and I are going to start doing some weight training together.  The extent of my knowledge on weight training is what I know from reading … Continue reading

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Run Past Your Plateau (Recipe: French Onion Mushroom Pizza)

Most of us have been sidelined by running injuries or by being lazy at some point or another. I was reading an article today on “Running Past a Plateau” which nicely coincided a conversation I had with my running buddy … Continue reading

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I Joined a Gym! (Recipe: Shortbread Pecan Squares)

And I’ve been baking a lot.  ‘Tis the season! But back to the gym.  I finally joined a local gym in Raleigh!  Took me long enough, right?? I have been working out at the gym on RTI’s campus since I … Continue reading

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Quick Book Review: Salt Sugar Fat (Recipe: Cheese and Pesto Biscuits)

“Salt Sugar Fat:  How the Food Giants Hooked Us” by Michael Moss I took this book off of A’s bookshelf after he was finished with it.  VERY interesting.  Of course, you all know my interest in nutrition and health, so … Continue reading

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A Taste of Madagascar (Recipe: Gingerbread Bites)

So I have now mentioned Madagascar in two posts.  The one about lemurs and the one about The Domes in Milwaukee. Well, I actually went to Madagascar.  Yep.  In 2013.  Definitely an amazing travel experience.  Once in a lifetime.  And … Continue reading

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Hamstring Tendinopathy (Recipe: Slow Cooker Garlic Honey Chicken)

No.  I do not have this.  Thank goodness. This is an article I found on the website. When you think of a hamstring injury, you may picture a sprinter motoring down the homestretch of a race and suddenly lurching … Continue reading

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Run, Santa, Run 5K! (Recipe: Easy Beer Mac and Cheese)

So, this weekend I went up to Madison and Milwaukee to visit A.  I flew in Thursday night, so we had another long weekend visit.  Our Friday date day included working out together at A’s gym, grabbing lunch, visiting a … Continue reading

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