Fun Facts About the NYC Marathon (Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole)

So there are a lot of fun facts about the NYC Marathon that I don’t think I ever shared.  I am going to share some with you now.

For instance, since the first NYC Marathon in 1970, the average finishing time has been 4:24:57.  That is pretty amazing.

More than a million spectators line the course, which goes through the city’s five boroughs: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan.  That’s a lot of spectators!  No wonder I couldn’t find A in the crowds!

As many as 135 bands entertain runners and spectators with rock, folk, rap, blues, R&B, punk, indie, house, gospel, rockabilly, reggae, and other styles of music on race day.  Heck yes!  I was able to run the whole race without headphones for the first time ever!

Since the inaugural marathon, over 175 countries have been represented in this race. In the 1970s, women represented only 9 countries.  Since 2010, 109 countries have been represented by women.

There have been a total of 1,021,538 finishers of the NYC Marathon!

In the 18-29 age group (my age group), there have been 181,004 finishers.  And there have been 259 finishers in the 80+ age group!  That’s quite a feat!

In 2000, the race included its first-ever official wheelchair division, won by Kamel Arayni of Tunisia in a time of 1:53:50 and Thi Xuan Anh Nugyen of Vietnam in 2:46:47.

More than 2,300,000 recyclable paper cups are used along the race route, as well as 1,952 portable toilets. And the night before the race, 15,000 marathoners consume 2.25 metric tons of mezzi rigatoni at the Marathon Eve Dinner.

And I think I’ve said this one before, but I will say it again.  In 2009, UCLA grad Meb Keflezighi was the first American to win the race since Alberto Salazar in 1982, finishing in 2:09:15.

Those are some fun facts!

Oh, in Fitbit news, I got my Sahara badge!  That means I have taken as many steps as it takes to walk the length of the Saraha Desert, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.  That’s a lot of steps!

And did I tell you that A and I went to the NC History Museum last weekend?  After my long run with Shawn, A suggested we doing something fun but relaxing and asked if I’d be interested in the NC History Museum.  We had a great time.  There is so much there!  You really could go back several times and not see/read everything!

IMG_8787 IMG_8789                                  IMG_8784 IMG_8785

Just because:

IMG_8253 IMG_8278

Quote of the Day:

“Hills never get easier, you just get stronger.” -Greg LeMond

Cheryl and I made this recipe for Thanksgiving this year.  It was super tasty!  But I do love sweet potatoes.  A lot. I do have another sweet potato casserole recipe that I want to try in the near future.  So, you might be seeing that soon!

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole


– 2 pounds sweet potatoes

– 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon

– 2/3 cup self rising flour

– 2/3 cup brown sugar

– 6 tablespoons butter


– Cook potatoes in oven at 400*. (We actually microwaved ours to make the process go faster!)

– When cooled slightly, peel and mash potatoes. Stir in cinnamon; spoon into greased casserole dish.

– Combine flour, sugar, and oats. Cut in butter until mixture resembles course crumbs.

– Bake at 375* for 30 minutes.

Adapted from Lauren Wylly Nass

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