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Review: Title 9 Intrepid Sports Bra (Recipe: Easy Breakfast Casserole)

This is the bra I wore for the NYC Marathon:  Title 9 Intrepid Sports Bra. The  underwire is awesome.  No uniboob, Amy!  It’s definitely a full-coverage sports bra.  I love the colors!  And it served me well for the marathon. … Continue reading

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A Few More Thoughts (Mine and Others) on the NYC Marathon (Recipe: Cinnamon Chip Cookies)

“In one sense, the TCS New York City Marathon is a competition.  A gun fires, people race one another, and each finisher is told which place he or she got. But, in many more senses, it’s a collaboration.  The runners … Continue reading

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Healthiest Companies in the Triangle and Our OBX Trip! (Recipe: Panera Bread Copycat Fuji Apple Chicken Salad)

First, I want to say thank you to all of our veterans.  They keep us safe day in and day out.  The world wouldn’t be the same without them. In October, the Triangle Business Journal awarded 35 companies the Healthiest Employers of … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Women Should Run (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake)

There was an article by Katy Marchant titled “10 Reasons Why Women Should Run” that I thought I should pass along to you all.  Enjoy! 10 Reasons by Katy Marchant: 1. Thighs of Steel.  Beyonce and Rihanna have got killer … Continue reading

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Get Your New York City Marathon On!

The theme of this year’s marathon was “Get Your _____ On.”  And the blank would be filled in with Motivation, Meb, Celebration, Queens, etc.  So, I find it very appropriate to title this post “Get Your New York City Marathon On”. … Continue reading

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Everything Hurts. (Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Quick Bread)

So, I am skipping from pre-race day to post-race day.  I like taking a couple of days to reflect on a big race before I write about it. I had trouble walking after the race.  I shuddered at the thought … Continue reading

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“Welcome to New York…It’s Been Waiting For You.” (Recipe: Sheet Pizza)

So, the Taylor Swift song was totally all over NY when I was there for the marathon–playing in cabs, written on store windows, you name it. Speaking of which, A and I had a blast in NYC this weekend!  Even if … Continue reading

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