Vitamin D Deficient and Healthy Happy Meals (Recipe: Quick Chocolate Butter Frosting)

So, I’m Vitamin D deficient.  I had a physical the other week which of course included lab work.  My cholesterol level was outstanding!  But my WBC (white blood count) was high, and I’m deficient in Vitamin D.  The doctor recommended I take a Vitamin D supplement and asked me to come back in to get my WBC checked again.  Sigh.  More doctors appointments.

I haven’t started taking the supplement yet because I’m not convinced I need to.  I understand that Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium which is needed for strong bones, but I am outside plenty with my running, I am not vegan, I do not have dark skin, I am not obese, and I do not have Chrohn’s, cystic fibrosis or celiac which hinder the digestive tract from absorbing the vitamin (all contributors of Vitamin D deficiency).  I’m thinking it was kind of a fluke thing, but I’ll talk to my doctor next time I’m in her office.

Anyway, I know this is a little late, but on August 21, a bill was introduced in the New York City Council that would require kids meals to meet certain nutritional requirements in order to include a toy as part of the meal.  The bill sets standards for calories, sodium and fat and would require the inclusion of a fruit, vegetable or whole grain.

The bill would require a meal to include:

– 500 calories or less;

– Fewer than 35% of calories from fat;

– Fewer than 10% of calories from saturated fats;

– Fewer than 10% of calories from added sugars;

– Fewer than 600 milligrams of sodium; and

– A serving of fruit, vegetables or whole grains.

A companion bill has been introduced in the New York Senate.

NYC is citing childhood obesity as the main impetus for the legislation.  An estimated one-fourth of a child’s calories come from restaurant or fast food meals.  They say that fast food chains have been using toy giveaways to lure children to unhealthy meals of cheeseburgers, French fries and sodas for too long.  They say that more than 95% of kids’ meals at the top chain restaurants are unhealthy and that fast food is marketed to children and teens more than any other food category according to the Federal Trade Commission.  Companies spent an estimated $715 million on marketing in 2009 with toy giveaways making up $340 million of those promotions.  They do acknowledge that parents have the ultimate responsibility of feeding their children healthy diets; however, they argue that restaurants also need to exercise corporate responsibility.

If a restaurant chain violated the bill, they would be fined:  $200-$500 for a first offense, $500-$1,000 for a second offense, and $1,000 to $2,500 for a third offense.

I just found it interesting, so I thought I’d share.

Italy pictures!  I know–I’ve been delinquent on these!  After this, only 4 more cities to share with you!

Who doesn't love Lucca?

Who doesn’t love Lucca?

One of the towers that belonged to the wealthy back in the day!

One of the towers that belonged to the wealthy back in the day!

Ramparts made into an awesome bike path around the city!

Ramparts made into an awesome bike path around the city!

Views from Monteriggioni!

Views from Monteriggioni!

Love the views!

Love the scenery!

Love shots like this!

Love shots like this!

Food for Thought: Carrots weren’t always bright orange.  In the 16th century, Dutch scientists crossbred several yellow varieties and the result was so tasty that orange carrots became the norm.  Previously, purple, red and yellow had been most popular!

Quote of the Day:

“You may never know your true limit because your brain is that good at deceiving you into thinking that you can’t possibly go any faster, harder or longer.” -Timothy Noakes

I know this to be true–being able to go faster, harder or longer than your brain thinks you can–my Boston Marathon experience is evidence of this.  And my run this morning is further evidence of this.  This morning I ran 20 miles.  Having just ran the Hokie Half-Marathon on Sunday, my body (particularly my quads) were NOT ready to run today.  At mile 8, they started aching.  At mile 10, every step started to hurt.  And while this was not my fastest 20 miles, I ran 20 miles averaging an 8:53 min/mile pace.  Mile 16 was actually an 8:26 min/mile pace.  So, while the brain is great at deceiving, you can still push yourself and persevere.  Now, I did have help.  My running buddy Shawn joined me at Mile 12 for the last 8 miles of my run.  Without her I would not have maintained the pace I did.  But our conversation distracted me, and her belief in me pushed me to finish harder and faster and longer than my brain thought was possible.

This is the recipe to the frosting I used on A’s birthday cake.  Definitely double it.

Quick Chocolate Butter Icing

Quick Chocolate Butter Frosting


– 3 ounces unsweetened chocolate, coarsely chopped

– 3 tablespoons unsalted butter

– 1/4 cup hot milk

– 1 teaspoon vanilla

– 2 cups confectioners’ sugar


– Melt in a heatproof bowl the unsweetened chocolate and unsalted butter.

– Remove from the heat and stir in the milk and vanilla.

– Gradually add the sugar, beating until spreadable.

Courtesy of Joy of Cooking

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