Things Only Runners Understand

Most of this was taken from an article written by Sabrina Grotewold, and it made me reflect on all the races I’ve completed.  Because I’m a picture fanatic, I have lots of pictures to go with this post although for most of my first races I didn’t buy the digital downloads!

Runners are often misunderstood by those who don’t run because, let’s face it, it’s hard to explain what motivates runners to rise at dawn or sneak out after the kids go to bed to pound out 5 miles. Runners do strange things like swallow jelly-like energy goop during races, wear band-aids over their nipples to avoid chafing, and roll their legs over cylinders (also known as foam rollers) in a painful attempt to avoid injury. But runners know they are an out-of-the-ordinary breed, and that’s part of what makes the endeavor so rewarding.

Life.  We don’t run to add days to our life.  We run to add life to our days.

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Weight Loss.  When you stopped running to lose weight and kept going because you haven’t learned all the lessons running will teach you.

IMG_0141 IMG_4262

Speed.  A 12-minute mile is just as far as a 6-minute mile.

IMG_1876 IMG_2534

Honor.  United we run.  #BostonStrong

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Improvement.  It never gets easier.  You just get better.


Dedication.  When you run past your house three times because your GPS says 4.85 miles.


Motivation.  Because running fast is fun.

IMG_0579 IMG_3168

Character.  Running makes you a better person, friend, parent, worker, lover, neighbor, sibling.


Stress Release.  Your gym is anywhere you want it to be.


Perfection.  When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.


A Little Dirt Never Hurt.  Life’s too short to stay clean.

DGVV14JO00530_11051 DGVV14VL00606

Progress.  Don’t stop trying because you’ve hit a wall.  Progress is progress no matter how small.

Pub Run_Mar62014 pubrunMar20

Meditation.  Sometimes you just have to move in order to quiet the mind.

IMG_2289 IMG_2293

Training the Mind.  First you feel like dying.  Then you feel reborn.

635270591749997711 IMG_2474

Respect.  Respect the training.  Honor the commitment.  Cherish the results.

rem run IMG_2697

Laziness.  Because sitting on the couch is no longer your idea of a Saturday well spent.

IMG_4486 DSCF1351

Toughness.  If you wait for the perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.

1585812 IMG_3364

Camaraderie.  At running events, your competitors will pick you up if you trip, stay with you if you need medical help, help you climb a wall, and carry you across the finish line if you collapse a few feet from the finish.

DSC_0245 Martinsville5                                                        IMG_1476 IMG_0893                                                                                          IMG_4413


Keep running.  Life’s too short to do otherwise.

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