Add One Mile to Long or Tempo Runs (Recipe: Swamp Dawg BBQ Pulled Pork)

Why?  For endurance.

It takes just 6 weeks of covering the same distance on long runs before they start to lose effectiveness.  By adding  a mile, you gain endurance as your lungs and muscles make new adaptations.  Also, by teaching your body to hold onto the pace of those runs longer, you’ll also increase VO2 max which helps you go faster at all distances.

Another tip–when you add a mile to a string of weekly long runs, drop back to your starting point every fourth week.  These breaks in mileage increases will allow the muscles to adapt to your fitness gains and rebuild.

Today Anthony and I did a long run together.  I had 10 miles in my training plan and he had 14.  We ran the first 10 together.  It’s so nice to have someone to run outside with.  Between Shawn and Anthony, I’m pretty much golden.

I do have to repeat something Anthony said on our run.  He said something to the effect of, “I now have a new respect for you running down here in this [humidity].”  I am still not completely used to it myself.  Shawn said she can tell a difference in how well I am taking the hills, but to me it has been a slow, slow process.

But this week’s long run is done!  However, I can’t count it in mileage for the week of July 27th because I start my week over on Sunday.  That just means that next week’s mileage will be high.  For the week of July 27th I hit 22.36 miles running, 20.97 miles riding and 1000 meters swimming.  And I am 5 weeks through the INSANITY Challenge.  Did I post my Fit Test results from last week?  I can’t remember–so just in case:


I did better!

In other news, Anthony and I had a great visit this weekend!  Before he arrived I made him surprise cheesecake bars that I had to barricade from Miss Callie while they cooled because it’s like she is Houdini getting food off of the counter.


And the girls rough-housed on the bed before I left which was adorbs:


And even with the rain we stayed very busy!  His flight was delayed Friday night and we didn’t get home from the airport until after 1am.  But the girls were ecstatic to see him!  Callie peed in excitement.  Envy made her dinosaur noises.  It had been two months since they had seen him!  It was the cutest!

IMG_5748 IMG_5751

So, we delayed our long run until Sunday.  Saturday morning we did my 4 mile loop around Shelley Lake.  We went with Kyle to brunch at The Farmer’s Market Restaurant and then walked around the Farmer’s Market afterward.


The butcher at the Farmer’s Market was out of pork shoulder! I know, right!?  So, we had to go to Whole Foods afterward to get our pork because I had promised A that we would use Tanisha’s dad’s Swamp Dawg sauce for pulled pork.  And let me tell you, it turned out swimmingly.  Just delicious.


And he bought me beautiful hydrangeas!


We went and saw the Lego Movie at the budget theater.  I admit, I fell asleep during the middle of it.  But I could hear A laughing through most of the movie.

And throughout the entire weekend we played outside with the girls.  Callie always seemed to get filthy, and Envy rarely seems to get a speck of dirt on her!

DSC_4342 DSC_4347                                  IMG_5761 IMG_5766                                                        IMG_5767 IMG_5756

Sunday we had our long run like I mentioned earlier.  There were quite a few mud puddles to dodge as well as a tree that fell down during the storm:


We made french toast for brunch and then went downtown to explore the children’s museum.  We had fun being silly.

IMG_5775 IMG_5778 IMG_5784 IMG_5785                                                                                         IMG_5779

It was just a fantastic weekend!

Quote of the Day:

“Life is to be fortified by many friendships.  To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.” -Sydney Smith

And this pulled pork is amazing.

Swamp Dawg BBQ Pulled Pork

Swamp Dawg BBQ Pulled Pork

Basically, we put a 3.5 pound pork shoulder in the slow cooker with a half cup of water and a half cup of Swamp Dawg Sauce.  We cooked it on high for about 3 hours and low for 3 hours.  After pulling the pork, we mixed it with the rest of the Swamp Dawg Sauce.  It turned out perfect.  Oh, and we made baked beans as the side with cheesecake bars for dessert!


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