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Tempted to Skip Your Late-Day Workout? (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Granola Bars)

Think again. Research shows that your body is primed to perform its best late in the afternoon and early evening because that’s when your core body temperature peaks.  However, research also shows that one’s willpower wanes as the day goes … Continue reading

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Running in the Rain (Recipe: Cheddar Bay Biscuits)

Last Thursday we got a torrential downpour.  Pretty much all afternoon and evening.  There were tornado warnings in Durham (I live in Raleigh, but Durham isn’t that far away.).  And there was flooding.  Quite a bit of flooding actually.  Part … Continue reading

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And Callie Peed! (Recipe: Chicken Chesapeake)

Yep.  She was so darn excited to see me last night that she peed.  Everywhere. I’m not going to lie.  I wanted it to happen. When I was talking to Anthony on the phone driving to VA last night, I … Continue reading

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THE MOVE. (Recipe: Can’t Leave Alone Bars)

Oh my word.  So, it has pretty much been forever since I have posted.  At least I feel like a MILLION things have happened since I last posted about my surprise parties.  BTW, I forgot some pics!  My delicious Rocky … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Run Faster and Surprise Parties (Recipe: Chocolate Frosting)

Here are seven practical tips to help you run faster in your next race. 1. Run fast more often.  You should be running a fast workout every week.  In order to run faster in a race, you have to practice … Continue reading

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The Karvonen Method and More Fun Times in VA (Recipe: Marshmallow Blondies)

The Karvonen Method is a way to calculate a target heart rate (HR) for training purposes that accounts for your resting heart rate. First, to find your maximum HR, you subtract your age from 220.  For instance, the maximum HR … Continue reading

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We Got Down and Dirty! (Recipe: Hermit Cookies)

This post is long overdue.  Things have just been a little hectic here.  Moving across the country and all. But we did it!   We got ridiculously dirty at the Dirty Girl Mud Run two weekends ago!  O.M.G.  It was … Continue reading

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