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A Year Ago Today (Recipe: Pumpkin Bars with Spice Glaze)

A year ago today a tragedy struck our nation. A year ago today two bombs went off killing 4 and injuring over 260 runners and spectators. A year ago today there was an attempt to smother the spirit and stamina of … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Be Dirty Girls! (Recipe: Giant M&M Cookies)

It’s time to what!? Get dirty!!! That’s right!  I signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Virginia that is coming up at the end of April!  We have a great team that is ready to get some dirt … Continue reading

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MadCity 50K Relay Followed by an 18-Miler (Recipe: Balsamic-Rosemary Vinaigrette)

Yesterday was the MadCity 50K Relay.  A co-worker put together a team for the second (I think??) year in a row.  I was all signed up to run last year, but Boston happened, and we all know that story (and another … Continue reading

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Women Should Embrace the B’s in College to Make More Later (Recipe: Caramel Filled Brownies)

This is a re-post of an article from The Washington Post by Catherine Rempell that my co-worker sent to me.  I found it super interesting.  Mostly because I pretty much was that straight-A student. In elementary school.  In middle school.  In high … Continue reading

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Eat Even MORE Fruits and Veggies (Recipe: Roasted Garlic Lemon Broccoli)

Most of us are familiar with the five-a-day suggested servings of fruit and vegetables the World Health Organization introduced in the 1990s. Eating that amount was supposed to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. But a new … Continue reading

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I Believe. (Recipe: Onion and Cheddar Quiche Biscuit Cups)

I really liked this blog post and thought I should re-post it here. ***Re-posting from the blog: The Lunchbox Diaries*** I believe there is good in everyone. I believe dogs make life happier. I believe confident people are the most attractive people. … Continue reading

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5th Annual Birthday Run!! (Recipe: Dirt Dessert)

This weekend was the 5th Annual Birthday Run!!  Ellie and I have started a tradition (and a mighty fun one at that if I might add!). It started in 2010 when we went down to Charleston, SC to run the … Continue reading

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