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New Year’s Resolutions and Girl Scout Cookies (Recipe: Chewy Molasses Cookies)

These two topics seem to be a good fit, right?  A lot of people make resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, get to the gym, etc.  And Girl Scout cookies totally negate all of that.  ANYWAY.  I was reading an … Continue reading

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Shamrock Shuffle 2014 (Recipe: Irish Soda Bread)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you wore green today and didn’t get pinched!  Because of the Shamrock Shuffle yesterday, I completely forgot that it was St. Patrick’s Day TODAY when I woke up at 4:30am to get to the … Continue reading

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Post-LR Cravings Are Back! (Recipe: Spinach and Mushroom Quiche)

I made it!  I ran 12.01 miles on Friday with winds averaging 24mph with 38mph gusts!  Boy am I glad that is over! I wasn’t really sure where I was going, but I ended up being able to make a … Continue reading

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Happy Pi(e) Day! (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Pie)

The factors that contribute to efficient training are: Fitness (are all the muscle groups being used up to their required strength?) Nutrition (are your muscles getting all the fuel they need to operate?) Technique (is wasted motion eliminated and are … Continue reading

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Use Your Core! (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies #3)

Many running coaches will tell you that the key to speed starts with your core.  Why do you need to use your core to run, you might ask.  Well, here are some reasons why: Stability. Leaning forward from the ankles allows … Continue reading

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Holy Wind! And a Crazy Busy Weekend! (Recipe: Sweet Onion and Parmesan Dip)

O.M.G.  I really do think that Sunday’s 9-miler (which was supposed to be a 10-miler, but I just couldn’t stand to run anymore after 9.15 miles) was THE. WORST. RUN. I have had in Madison since I’ve moved here.  Let … Continue reading

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Marathon Pacing and Snow Tubing!! (Recipe: Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Muffins)

Let’s get the running stuff out of the way.  Here are some tips I found on pacing yourself for a marathon.  I personally have not tried this, but maybe I will for San Diego… – Mile 1:  60 seconds slower … Continue reading

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