AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill (Recipe: Middle Eastern Chicken Marinade)


This is the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill that I got to use the other day at PT!  It was literally like running in a bubble!  Technology these days is crazy!

Basically, it is a medical rehabilitation treadmill that lowers the impacts on joints and muscles during exercises.  You can walk or run between 20% and 100% of your body weight!  It applies a lifting force to the body that reduces weight on the lower extremities.  Top training and rehabilitation facilities such as John Hopkins Hospital, Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, the New York Giants and Chicago Bulls all use the AlterG.

I was able to run with my natural gait, cadence and rhythm!  It was amazing!  I ran a total of 4.25 miles at 75% of my body weight and didn’t feel a thing in my knee!  And I ran 3.75 of those miles at 8 minute pace!  I was sweating like crazy, but it felt so good!  I am definitely not in any sort of running shape.  I’m trying to be patient.  Slowly but surely.  It’s just so exciting!

I used the AlterG on Monday after GOTR (which needs an update by the way).  And then on Tuesday I ran an easy 2.25 miles outside and got caught in the rain!  Because I was already wet, I took Miss Envy out to play in the rain since it has only rained twice since I got her (Sunday and Tuesday), and I don’t want her to become a Miss Priss!  We ran around in the grass, and I practiced having her wait while I slowly backed up and then called her to me to have a big party!  She had a blast!  And then my apartment smelled like wet dog. =)

GOTR update!  I LOVE my girls!  I made them blondies the other day before practice.  Of course it happened to be the day that our lesson was on good nutrition and healthy habits–my luck, right?  They loved them anyway!  And our girls are all about running!  They want to go as far and as fast as they can every practice! I love it!  Two practices ago we talked about positive versus negative self-talk.  We had all the girls write down positive things about themselves on notecards.  This is what one of my girls wrote:


I was so proud!  My heart just melted!  This is really going to be a great season!

IMG_2374 IMG_2376

Today was our last puppy class!! 


The last 6 weeks have just FLOWN.  I can’t believe it!  My baby will be 4 months old on Sunday!!  Not.  Possible.  We went to Mounds (our pet store) the other day, and she was just walking up to everyone!  I think she wanted to stay behind the register desk with the sales clerk because he was giving her treats!  And the automatic doors? No big deal.  My baby is growing up!

IMG_2078 IMG_2079                   IMG_2191                   post-jills_14weeks

I haven’t given any tidbits from the puppy books I’ve been reading lately!  So here we go:  It’s the personality of the puppy that should be dictating how we present training to him/her, not any formula in any book.  Envy has definitely let me know when she is ready to try something new and when she needs a little bit more time to absorb what I’m trying to teach her.  I’m just going with it!

Quote from How Will You Measure Your Life?:

“There are no easy answers to life’s challenges…there are no quick fixes for the fundamental problems of life.” -Clayton Christensen

While there are no easy answers to life’s challenges, waking up to enjoy sunrises like this is an easy decision:


This week I made chicken!  This recipe makes 3/4 cup of marinade for about 1 1/2 pounds of chicken!  I actually used the thin sliced chicken breasts and cut some up for a pasta I made (I haven’t posted that recipe yet!) earlier in the week!  Yummy!

Middle Eastern Chicken Marinade

Middle Eastern Chicken Marinade


  • 1/2 cup EVOO
  • 6 small cloves garlic, minced (about 2 tablespoons)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper


– Mix all the ingredients and place in ziplock bag with chicken. Let sit overnight.

– Grill or saute or bake (I baked!) chicken until no longer pink in the center.

Adapted from

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