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Callie is a Big Sister!!! (Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars)

Spoiler Alert:  This blog post would be considered puppy overload.  Get ready for pictures galore! So, I have big news!  Really, really big news!  And, no, I’m not pregnant.  But Callie is going to be a big sister!  I am … Continue reading

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Negative Splits (Recipe: Sauteed Kohlrabi)

We all want negative splits.  All the time.  And the best way to run your fastest race is by running the second half at a pace that is equal to or slightly faster than the first half. To negative split … Continue reading

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Insanity Take 2 (Recipe: Roasted Caprese Pasta)

So, I put myself through torture again this morning.  That Insanity class kills me! And I even wore my brand spankin’ new cross-trainers!  Aren’t they gorgeous? Well, I needed them desperately because I had been wearing my other ones since … Continue reading

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PR Your Half-Marathon (Recipe: Walnut Streusel Bread)

I was reading an article that gave tips on how to PR your next half-marathon.  I felt like they were particularly relevant since half-marathon season seems to be quickly approaching! Here they are: 1. Pump Up the Volume – The … Continue reading

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And the Research Says… (Recipe: Chicken Salad with Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing)

And the Research Says: 1. Tight abs improve posture.  An upright stance will help you easily pick up speed.  Runners who did ab work for six weeks ran more efficiently, shaving 42 seconds off 5K times according to a Barry … Continue reading

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Furman Feels Like Home (Recipe: Chocolate Pound Cake)

I traveled to Greenville, South Carolina over the weekend for a wedding.  Greenville is where I grew up in a sense because it is where I went to college.  It was so nice to be back home.  Everything was so … Continue reading

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Fears (Recipe: Italian Sausage Strata)

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? I read an article by Sheryl Sandberg on what you would do and what you could accomplish if you weren’t afraid.  While her article was focused on women, I think it could … Continue reading

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