Pre-Race Shenanigans Including the Birthday Run! (Recipe: Oreo Icebox Cake)

Now that you know about my race and my “post-race party”, there were quite a few pre-race shenanigans that went down.

Kim and I left for Boston Friday after work.  We took the three hour bus to Chicago. The bus was full.  There was a young couple who couldn’t get seats together so they both sat in an aisle seat one behind the other (can you picture that?).  There was a little too much PDAing for my taste in the aisle of the bus!  And at the same time I texted Kim (sitting right next to me) a sarcastic comment about them, she whispered a sarcastic comment to me about them, too.  Haha.  Perfect timing!

We grabbed dinner (breakfast sandwiches) at the airport while we waited for our delayed flight.  I must say that the pilot (who was from Boston) was super excited that I was running the race.  He even asked for my bib number so he could track me (not in a creepy way)!  Sweet old guy!


Kim’s friend Melissa picked us up from the airport (she was a doll!!), and we stayed with her Friday night in Cambridge.  We ended up staying up past 1am to watch the Natural History channel’s documentary of a South Korean scientist’s adventure to Siberia to find DNA of a wooly mammoth that he hoped to clone. He planned to implant a wooly mammoth embryo in an elephant and have the elephant give birth to a wooly mammoth!  What!?  Exactly! Now you understand why we were pretty much glued to the television until it was over.  Some people are doing crazy research out there.  And it was definitely the butt of many jokes over the weekend.

The next morning we got up and raced over to the hotel to meet Ellie who flew in Saturday morning.  Parts of the T were under construction which made our trip longer and Ellie beat us there.  Amazing reunion!  I hadn’t seen this girl since my defense last March!  Excuse me, this Dr.! =) I have missed her tremendous amounts!


We immediately headed to the Expo!!  Ah!  So much fun!  We spent over two hours wandering around (me buying things).


I got my bib for the marathon! Woohoo! (BTW-Nothing has sunk in at this point in terms of me running the race.)  We got our bibs for the 5K.

IMG_3883 IMG_3888

I bought lots of fun stuff including:

– a new nutrition belt to wear during the marathon (I know they say not to wear new things on race day, but I wanted something less cumbersome than the water belt I brought since the marathon had water at every mile for us)

– Gu Chomps

– Compression Socks (HOT PINK!) – I have already washed these twice and worn them Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and today!

– Boston Marathon Jacket – heck yes!  I wasn’t leaving for home without one!

– Boston Marathon Sweatshirt – the men’s was much cuter than the women’s, so mine is a little big, but sweatshirts are supposed to be big and comfy, right?

– 26.2 Boston Running Tank – also hot pink!  Can’t wait until it is warm enough in Madison for me to wear!

– Boston Marathon T-Shirt – it has the exact mileage of each major town we ran through going down the back and is super soft–one of my favs

I was also given a bright yellow long-sleeve Boston Marathon tech shirt for running the marathon and a black short-sleeve 5K Boston tech shirt that looks like a soccer jersey.

What the heck, why don’t I just show you a picture of all my loot? I’m not ashamed.  I may never be back!


Post-expo we decided to go to a restaurant called Globe on Boylston Street–I had another breakfast sandwich for lunch.  I think I have mentioned before how much I love brunch food.  We then meandered around Newberry Street and the Boston Commons taking pictures with the ducklings!

IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Finally we went back to our hotel and napped before meeting up with some of Kim’s friends at the Barking Crab for dinner.  Crabcake sliders and french fries?  Yes, please.  (I had a lot of french fries during my short stint in Boston!)

The next morning started out with the 4th Annual Birthday Run (aka Boston 5K).  I was afraid to run the day before the marathon, so Ellie walked with me which gave us lots of time for girl talk and people watching.  The course was great! I highly recommend this 5K!  We finished in 47:43.  We were not going to get discouraged even if the girl power walking in the boot passed us! I finished 5568 / 5649.  Hehe.  =)

IMG_3898 IMG_3899 IMG_3900 IMG_3902

Kim ran it and PRd!  But she didn’t tell us it was a PR until HOURS after the fact!  Kim, if you are reading this, we need to have a celebratory drink!

We then walked “about a mile” (hehe, love you, Kim!!) to the Friendly Toast.  (Every distance to Kim was “about a mile”–it was hilarious once we realized it! The distance to the Friendly Toast was actually over 2 miles. We then started fact-checking distances after that 😉 Love you, sweetie!!)  We had about an hour wait but it was totally worth it:


Then we went back to the hotel and napped.  Are you seeing a pattern here?? Food. Naps. =) We then met Katie and her gang for dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant in the north-end. Lots of bread and lots of pasta.  The best pre-race dinner! And there was no way I was turning down gelato in the north-end of Boston even if it was the night before the Boston Marathon. Then it was time for bed, although I didn’t actually get much sleep.


And those were some of the pre-race shenanigans that happened while in Boston over the weekend!  It was a fabulous trip!  I am so lucky to have such dear friends accompany me on a race of a lifetime!  Love you girls!!  Maybe we’ll be doing it again in the future! 😉

Today at the office, we had a potluck! Everyone drew a letter out of a bowl, and we were supposed to bring something that started with that letter.  Lucky me! I drew a “C”!  Perfect for cookies, cakes and cupcakes, right??? Well, I decided to make this Oreo Icebox Cake.  The easiest recipe on the planet. It got pretty rave reviews.  A coworker brought in some Oreo Tuffles (he actually did have the letter “O”), so there was a mini Oreo competition 😛 Jon, the judge of the competition, deemed me the winner.  Sorry, Jeff! =) Although, the truffles were darn good!

DSC_0200 DSC_0203

Oreo Icebox Cake


– 90 Oreo Cookies (I used Double Stuffed)

– Two 16 ounce containers of Cool Whip

– 1.5 cups of milk

– Hershey Syrup

DSC_0204 DSC_0207


– Dip 30 Oreo cookies in milk one by one and lay flat in a 9×13 pan.  Drizzle with Hershey Syrup (I mega drizzled)

– Spread 1/3 of Cool Whip over the Oreos. Repeat this process two more times finishing with a layer of Cool Whip on the top.

– Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight.

Adapted from Cookies and Cups

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