Track Me Running Boston! Bib 11956!

So….I’m freaking out a little.  Okay, maybe a lot.  Tomorrow I leave for…wait for it…wait for it…



I know–we have only been talking about it for the last four months!  You are probably thinking, “Get this darn race over with already!”  I just can’t believe it’s finally here!

Kim and I fly out tomorrow after work!  Ellie flies in Saturday morning along with Katie and her gang!  (Katie is also running Boston!! Yay!)  We will Expo it up on Saturday!  Walk/run a 5K on Sunday morning.  (I’ll be walking because I don’t know if my legs can handle 2 days of running in a row…) Katie made dinner reservations for all 9 of us at a place in the north end for our pre-race dinner on Sunday.  (I’m guessing an Italian place??  Haha I don’t even know where we are eating!)  And then on Monday is THE MARATHON.  The race that I trained my heart out to qualify for in November 2011.  The race I have not been able to adequately train for the last four months. Afterwards is the Mile 27 party!  I’m sure it won’t take many drinks to have a real party going after thousands of people just ran 26 miles and completely dehydrated their bodies.  Haha.

My bag is packed (I have to go back into the office after I post this blog).  My iPod is charged.  My foam roller will be going in a trash bag to take with me after I roll out tonight (yes, my foam roller is going to fly to Boston).

Now, because I have been blogging and blogging and blogging about Boston, you can track me during my race if you would like!  Yes!  You really can!

The first way is to visit this website. You can type in my Bib Number (11956), and it will give you real time updates as I cross certain mile markers.  (I think it is the 10K, half-marathon and around mile 20?)  It will also give my projected finish time and then actual finish time WHEN I cross that finish line.  Because I will be crossing that finish line. =)  Apparently Keith Baldwin had my number last year with a time of 4:24:50.  Think I can beat that???  Hopefully they will update this site once the 2013 race begins! =)

The second way is to get text messages sent to your phone with updates.  Just text the word “Runner” to 345678. You will get an automated response asking for the Bib Number you want to track.  Respond with “11956”.  And there you go!  You will be tracking me!

The more the merrier!!  Knowing I have all your support will only give me more strength to push through the finish!!

In other exciting news, Callie and I signed up for Agility 1!!  We are Flyball lovers, but we thought we should give another dog sport a try. =) We start as soon as I get back from India!

Next time I post, Boston will be officially over!  I’m sure I will have plenty of stories to tell!!  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and send positive thoughts my way!

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4 Responses to Track Me Running Boston! Bib 11956!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thinking and sending all positive thoughts and energy this weekend and especially MONDAY, Kristen! You’ll do great with your unstoppable spirit!

  2. Ellie says:

    WAHOO! I’m following you 😀

    • Kristen says:

      YAY!!! Then you will know when to expect me!! Hehehe (And hopefully not where to come pick me up! =P lol) AHHH! I get to see you TOMORROW!!!!!

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