My First International 5K!!

479995_722049066004_979050736_n“Good things come slow–especially in distance running.” – Bill Dillinger, Oregon coach

I am in Johannesburg, South Africa visiting my best friend from Furman!! I have only been in country 24 hours, and the trip has already started off wonderfully!! I have missed having Sam in the states!! She surprised me with an amazing sign at the airport that made me feel just at home! (Picture will come upon my return to the states!)

This is my second trip to South Africa, and so Sam decided that since I’ve already done the Joburg-Cape Town-Durban-Pretoria deal we would take an exciting trip for her spring break!! Therefore, early tomorrow morning we depart for Madagascar!! I’m super excited!

But today I got to go to her school and meet the children she teaches! So fun! The students speak 9 different languages in her class!! Insane! And the children are absolutely precious!

This week was spirit week, so today was wear your favorite sports jersey day! Hence the Packers jersey! (Sam is a diehard Steelers fan! Oops! Hehe) Today they were also participating in Sprayathon which is a way to raise money and awareness for cancer. Hence my sprayed hair.

And then the school hosted a 5K that the middle and high school students have been training for. And being the wonderful friend she is, Sam knew I would want to participate!!

So, on 3.5 hours of sleep, a time zone change of 7 hours, running what would be at 2am my time and an altitude change, I ran my first international 5K!! Sam took lots of pictures, so I will post some when I get back to the states!! It was pretty much horrible. Haha. I have never felt so sick while running in my entire life. Even when I was running my marathon! But it was so much fun to have all of the kids cheering and to participate in such a fun event!! I feel so lucky!! And even though it was horrible, I finished in just over 24 minutes! Not too shabby at all for the circumstances!!

And I know I am a dork, but my Garmin watch actually picked up here, so when I plug it into my computer at home I will be able to see my run in Africa!! I ran a race in Africa!! Thank you, Sam!

Now, on to Madagascar!!!

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