Toe Socks and Callie Report Cards!

Yummm breakfast food for dinner!  LOVE it!  Scrambled eggs with Colby Jack cheese!  Yes, please!  (With some of my Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread on the side!)

Scrambled Eggs with Colby Jack

I have put in quite a few miles this week!  I did an 8-miler on Monday, a 6-miler on Wednesday and 4x800m repeats today (which ended up totaling close to 3 miles with recoveries).

For repeats today, I wore toe socks.  Apparently lots of runners wear toe socks to help with blisters.  My mom gave me these toe socks close to two years ago, and today was the second time I have ever worn them.  I was very skeptical.  The last time I had really worn toe socks was in middle school, and they had multicolored stripes and went halfway up my calves.  My running toe socks are black and they stop at my ankle like any other running sock.  And I think they actually work!

You see, on Wednesday I got my first bloody toe of training.  I usually get one or two during a training session.  I have had two that actually bled through both my sock and my shoe!  Gross, yes, I am aware.  Yesterday’s only bled through my sock.  The thing is, I never really feel the pain while I’m running (which is probably a good thing).  I usually feel a twinge of pain, think nothing of it, and just keep running.  It is afterward that my toe hurts.  Hence, toe socks today to run without any further complications.

[imagine a picture of a bloody sock…]

I know…I know…you’re probably thinking, really?  She posted a picture of her bloody sock??  Well, this blog is supposed to be dedicated to my Boston training, and this is part of it!  I showed these pictures to Madame M (who LOVED the Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread BTW) at work on Wednesday–she cringed.  And then asked if I could text them to her so she could send them to her husband (who is also a runner) and see if he had experienced anything similar.  Haha.  Oh, running.  My boss says I am insane for loving running so much.

In Callie news:  I think I have mentioned before that Callie gets a report card each time she attends daycare at Ruffin’ It Resort.  One of staff really enjoys rhyming.  Here are snippets from two of her recent report cards:

“I was very mild, smooth, calm and collected; wasn’t really bothered because I’m well-respected.  A little bit of play time but more relaxed and tranquil, because all my cuddle time today really fit the bill.”

“I was timid at times but I still loved to play, early in the morning is usually my active time of the day.  Without a doubt I am the sweetest pup here, I absolutely love all my cuddle time, this much is clear.”

It is quite obvious that Callie likes to cuddle at daycare.  Not surprising.  She is definitely a people lover.  After the rhyme, they go on to tell who she played with that day and usually another random fact.  Our old daycare in Blacksburg did not do report cards, so this has been a new concept for me since moving to Madison, and I find it somewhat entertaining.

Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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