Moving on to Week 6! (Recipe: Pumpkin Bread Take 1)

Week 5 of training is over!  My goodness time is flying!  I need to buy my plane ticket to Boston soon!  Overall, week 5 went well!

This Wednesday I have an appointment with a doctor at UW Sports Medicine–I just want to make sure there is not a big underlying problem that I’m not addressing by continuing to run and treating my shins/calves only with MFR.  Fingers crossed all goes well!

In Callie news–she got a weekly daycare spot at Ruffin’ It Resort!  Every Friday!

“Indefinitely” as the lady on the phone put it. We have been on the waiting list for almost 7 months, so I was stoked when they called to tell me last week.  She hasn’t been able to get into her other favorite daycare, Dogs Welcome, for weeks! (I feel like a parent whose child got into college or something–haha.)  So, Ruffin’ It Resort gives your pup a report card after every visit.  This is one of Callie’s most recent ones:

“She was a little shy to start her day” is code for “she bared her teeth whenever another pup approached her”.  Callie is not a fan of other dogs in her face unless they are BFFs–Mom is trying to help her with that.  Obviously, we still need more work.  We will see how this Friday goes!

Here is how Week 5 of running went for me:

Date Run Type Run Length Actual Length Actual Pace (min/mile)
21-Jan Easy Run 4 miles 4.11 miles 8:10 treadmill
23-Jan Tempo 4 miles 3.25 miles 8:07 treadmill
24-Jan Easy Run 5 miles 4.25 miles 8:28 treadmill
26-Jan Long Run 12 miles 12.05 miles 8:12 McKee Road/Fish Hatchery
27-Jan Reps 4 x 1 mile 4 x 1 mile 7:41 treadmill

I have also been keeping track of the miles I have put on each of my running shoes.  I have put DOUBLE the miles on my Kinvaras (about 60 miles) compared to my Pure Flows (30 miles).  That means I will be wearing my PFs more this week!  Week 5’s total mileage came to 28.5 miles which is a decrease from last week’s total of 36.6 miles.  I was trying to take it easier on the legs.

Runs on the docket for Week 6:

Long Run 12 miles
Easy Run 5 miles
Reps 4 x 1km
Easy Run 5 miles
Hills 8 x 300m
Long Run 15 miles

I baked today!  Pumpkin bread!  I am a little obsessed with pumpkin flavored desserts, and I have only made one this entire fall/winter season which happened to be relatively recently (Pumpkin Truffles).  I am also a little OCD about comparing recipes and finding the “best” one.  I know, I know.  Everyone’s taste buds differ, so what might be considered the “best” to me is not the same for someone else.  But I still like to get the opinions of others.  This means I actually made two pumpkin bread recipes.  I’ll give you one of the recipes today (one that I made awhile ago), and the other you’ll get later this week.  I will let you know which one prevails after getting several opinions.  The bread was supposed to make it to Flyball practice tonight, but with all of the winter mix and ice warnings practice was canceled.  Sorry, guys!  I’ll try to make something tasty next week!  I didn’t actually make the streusel topping for this one (I didn’t have pecans), but here is the recipe!

Pumpkin Bread (CL)

Pumpkin Bread

Courtesy of Cooking Light

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