The Pain is Back. (Recipe: Pumpkin Truffles)

So, I think I ran too many miles last week.  Yesterday at Flyball practice I was really sore after running Callie–not a good sign. Because the only running I do at Flyball is to run about 20 feet up the lane and 50-60 feet back…like I told you, not a good sign if that little bit of running is painful.

Side Note:  And, yes, a couple of my teammates requested the Cinnamon Cream Cheese Pound Cake that I brought into the office for my friend’s birthday earlier this week after reading my blog, so I made it again (pictured below)…BUT this time I added cream cheese frosting as suggested by Madame M (another coworker).  O.M.G. I now can’t imagine it without cream cheese frosting.  I think my Flyball team would agree.  But how can you go wrong with cream cheese frosting?

Anyway, I went to bed keeping my fingers crossed that my legs would be magically better by morning.  I did a 4 mile “easy” run on the treadmill.  Eh.  “Easy” is a relative term.  The pain is back.  Although, I did average an 8:10 pace for those 4 miles–not too shabby for an easy run.  I scheduled an emergency MFR for tomorrow (Tuesday).  I think MFRs are going to get me through this marathon.  I already scheduled my session for 10 days before the marathon.  So, unless I can go 10.5 weeks pain free, I will be buying more MFR sessions.  But I swear that after the marathon is over, I will really take the time to completely heal properly!  It’s just hard to take off so much time from running!  Especially in the middle of training–but it may have to be done.  Hopefully, this MFR will help as much as my first two sessions.

I have also not been foam rolling as much last week because I felt so good.  Also not a good idea.  This is the foam roller I own.  In orange, of course.  It is AWESOME.  Even if you are not in pain, you definitely need to try one.  It releases tension in places you didn’t even realize you had tension (until you rolled over it!).  Here are some foam rolling exercises if you want to try them out.  I’m sure there are dozens of websites with them.  The one for the IT Band feels really good in a “it hurts so good” type of way.  I highly recommend foam rolling if you haven’t tried it!

Anywho, last week some time I also made these Pumpkin Truffles.  Madame M said they are a keeper and that they are one of the best things I have baked since I moved to Madison in July!  And she has tasted a lot of my baking!  If you have a food processor, they are super easy!  Although, the recipe below does not make very many, so I would suggest doubling it.  (Madame M suggests tripling.)

Pumpkin Truffles

Pumpkin Truffles

– Beat 1/4 cup each canned pumpkin and confectioners’ sugar, 1/2 cup cream cheese and 1 cup graham cracker crumbs.

– Chill in refrigerator.  Form into balls; dip in chocolate (I used white and semi-sweet!!).  Chill.

Courtesy of Food Network

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6 Responses to The Pain is Back. (Recipe: Pumpkin Truffles)

  1. Ellie Green says:

    Truth be told, you CANNOT go wrong with cream cheese frosting!!

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