Today I had a 3x800m interval drill.  I actually really enjoy interval training.  It’s short.  You go fast.  And then it’s over.

Running enthusiasts tout intervals for increasing speed.  People trying to lose weight tout intervals for burning fat.  Because intervals build aerobic fitness, they make the body more efficient (i.e., running faster over a certain distance or running further at a given pace). When training for my first marathon, I definitely found that intervals helped me increase my pace for longer runs.  This type of training builds more muscle, power and stamina. One article I read said that a study found that six sessions of 4 to 7 thirty-second sprints could improve one’s cardiovascular fitness as much as exercising for an hour at a moderate-level!  Think about all the time you just saved at the gym!

There are several types of intervals.  Mile repeats are classic.  I did one of these workouts last week.  400m repeats and 1200m repeats are also regulars on my marathon training schedule for Boston.  Hill repeats are also crucial, and my running coach really encourages these for building strength.  Hill workouts also help your stride because you are forced to bring your knees up higher.  I am sure I will be complaining about my hill workouts soon enough.

Have I mentioned that I can eat breakfast food for any meal of the day?  Especially eggs.  Yeah, this spinach and mozzarella omelet was pretty darn good.

Spinach & Mozzarella Omelet

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