Tempo Time!

Yesterday, I ran my first tempo run of this marathon training session!  Three miles averaging 8:15 pace!

You may be about to google ‘tempo run’, but no worries!  I’ll explain!  A tempo run is an anaerobic threshold run at a pace that is usually 25-30 seconds per mile slower than your 5K race pace.  The length can vary depending on the type of race you are training for but is usually a minimum of 20 minutes.  Often you will begin your run slower (I started running at an 8:40 pace) and then speed up and maintain that speed until your cool down.  Tempo runs can be either by time or by distance (ie., a 30 minute tempo run OR a 3 mile tempo run).

You will see that in the training program I am following, tempo runs are by distance, and they will gradually increase over the coming weeks.  I was so excited because I had very minimal pain during this run!  I am hoping my progress continues!  I still have yet to run outside in the Wisconsin winter (my runs have been on the treadmill until this point), but I am thinking that will change this weekend!

I did bake this bread which was from The Food Network’s “Copy That” section of their magazine–it is the bread from Cosi.  The bread was pretty good, but I didn’t think it was worth the effort and time it took to make!  Better luck next time!

Cosi Bread

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